Published On: Mon, Jan 12th, 2015

Tom Arnold and his Inspiration for his 100 lb. weight loss

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Comedian and celebrity Tom Arnold recently had an unbelievable weight reduction transformation. Tom managed to lose 100 pounds in just one year.

This really is among the most effective star transformation stories of the year and is an amazing weight reduction story.

Tom Arnold has appeared in over 100 films and has been on the big screen for more than 20 years. Tom’s recent pictures show a fit and slender 55-year old guy who’s the epitome of excellent well-being.Thin Tom Arnold

Lately on a flight a story was told by Tom and someone said that they adored his work on the hit TV Show Sons of Anarchy and went up to him. The woman next to them had to take a quadruple look at Tom Arnold to recognize it was him. The lady was sitting right next to Tom Arnold and did not even understand it was him!

Tom had lost so much weight people who’d viewed him in lots of films did not even recognize him. Tom seems fantastic, but it was hard work and determination that got him to his amazing 100 pound weight reduction goal.

What was the primary motivation behind his unbelievable transformation? Tom says that being wholesome for his wife and sons had proved to be a tremendous catalyst to his unbelievable transformation.

Tom was also experiencing several health problems which were becoming a giant red flag at his age. Tom was having trouble sleeping and had blood pressure that was really poor.

Tom has 120/80 blood pressure instead of the 180/120 he had prior. The physician was likewise competent to take him off several drugs including ones for Tom Arnold Before and Aftersleep apnea.

Tom maintains that he’d “made pig snorts” while he slept and suffered from sleep apnea. It was so bad that Tom said he was embarrassed to travel and fly on an airplane.

Quite insane figuring this man is paid to play in front of live crowd and a camera!

Tom desired to transform his life and desired a change – so the incredible weight reduction transformation began.



How Far Tom Came

A year ago at Tom’s physical, he weighed in at 32 percent body fat and 287 pounds. One year later Tom weighed in at ONLY 11 percent body fat and 187 pounds! This really is totally unbelievable – as well as a testament to his commitment, workout routine and diet.

The very first big thing that Tom did was to reduce smoking as much as possible and remove alcohol from his diet. This was only one of the many changes Tom made to his diet.

Tom is on the road a lot for work so his diet was the most difficult facet.

Tom began swapping fresh organic salads topped with his favorite proteins in place of the normal burger and chips on the road.

To kill his burger cravings Tom would indulge in additional thin grass fed beef that has several nutrients that are outstanding and helps to maintain lean muscle mass.

Tom ArnoldTom additionally removed numerous favorite desserts from his lifestyle. Tom has had a weakness for the Cheesecake Factory’s cheesecakes throughout his life – and maintains this was the roughest thing to remove.

Tom’s wife also helped a good deal and she managed to cook him some delightful low calorie options to help with his sweet tooth. Tom would have them with his sugar free pancake syrup on his cheat meals and immediately became a tremendous supporter of high protein pancakes.

Tom says that it is about locating an option to that unhealthy thing you were eating and becoming creative. His large rule of thumb was to remove carbs late at night so he could accelerate his weight reduction.

Tom’s trainer instructed him that eating carbs earlier in the day mean they’re not as likely to be stored as body fat – Tom would make an effort to have most of his carbs early in the day.

At nighttime Tom would stick with substantial and filling cuts of fish, chicken and lean beef. To keep Tom complete he consumed lots of fresh vegetables and put an emphasis on high fiber foods through the day including sweet potatoes, oatmeal, quinoa, and mixed nuts.

His Dieting Secrets

(Check Out Tom’s Whole Diet Strategy Here!)

Tom stuck largely to body weight exercises and a cardio workout routine since he was on the road for much of his transformation.

When Tom was home he’d have his trainer help him with his cardio sessions and body weight training.

When Tom was on the road cardio would be normally performed by him at his resort. Tom managed to keep working out 3-4 days each week through the year and this was a tremendous trigger to his weight reduction transformation.

The sole nutritional supplements that Tom took during his weight reduction transformation were a quality omega 3 supplement, Garcina Cambogia – an all natural metabolism booster which helps reduce cravings and hunger, recommended by his physician.

Garcinia Cambogia was taken by one of Tom’s buddies and it helped himself shed weight and raised his energy levels – so Tom made the decision to give it a go.

Tom says that it also fostered his metabolism and helped reduce his day sugar cravings.

Tom Arnold managed to lose weight fast by removing a couple of killer nutritional habits, bodyweight exercises and performing cardio 3-4 times per week as well as locating low calorie choices to his favorite foods.