Celebrities and Garcinia Cambogia

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Hollywood stars are famous for routines that are outrageous to slim down for new jobs. Yet, as society has become more health conscious, losing weight the proper way is now very important to a lot of celebrities. Throughout the past decade or so, a somewhat “cryptic” nutritional supplement has been making its way through Hollywood and now eventually into the houses of every-day-people. It was even recently featured on the Dr. Oz TV show where the nutritional supplement gained ENORMOUS publicity. The nutritional supplement we’re referring to is Garcinia Cambogia.

How Does Hollywood Lose Weight So Fast

Garcnina Cambogia was utilized as a strong appetite suppressant and dieting guide for about a decade in Hollywood. Yet, after several celebrities accepted to utilizing it the past 2-3 years it has gained enormous popularity in America within it. Stars like Jennifer Lopez, Miranda Lambert, Star Jones, and Kelly Osbourne have used Garcinia Cambogia for their weight reduction efforts.
Miranda Lambert Diet
Astonishingly, a lot of individuals who fight daily with their weight have yet to learn about it (we just discovered it recently from watching Dr. Oz!). The ones that have learned of the Garcinia Cambogia diet are mistaken about what it actually is, if it actually works, and the best way to utilize it.

Based on Dr. Lindsey (The guest host on the popular Dr. Oz show) Garcinia Cambogia works in more than one manner, “The first manner is it goes in and induces the body to burn glucose, or sugar, and burn fat, mostly in the liver. The next manner, the manner that is most significant, is it impedes the discharge of sugar to the blood stream. When you do not have sugar you do not have fat building if it’s not used by the body sugar turns to fat. When the two are joined together, you get this synergistic effect that stops and obstructs and that essentially burns fat. As an additional incentive, as well as a must for just about any merchandise shown to the Dr. Oz show, its 100% natural, no side effects and totally safe to use no matter what medical condition a person may have. It is even safe if you have heart issues because there aren’t any stimulants whatsoever.”

-Dr. Lindsey Duncan

So at this point we were still somewhat suspicious of the Garcinia Cambogia. After pouring through Benefits mountains of research, we still wondered. I had no personal evidence that the Garcinia Cambogia product was worth the time. It helped that Miranda maintained the product was used by her at the same time as I was doing research. With my editor’s approval, I decided that it was time that I go out and test the product myself. What greater method to find the truth out than to run my own study?

So, now I get to be the guinea pig. I applied for a bottle. I decided on Natural Garcinia Cambogia since it’s the purest and most concentrated Garcinia Cambogia out there. This might give the most precise results for my evaluation on me. Additionally, at that time they were running a trial offer so I did not even need to purchase a bottle! That was another great motive to use this product!


Here is what Natural Garcinia Cambogia promised on their web site…

  • In a study printed in the journal Lipids in Health & Disease, people that were taking Garcinia Cambogia lost an average of 12.3 pounds in 28 days without changing their diet or exercise.
  • Natural Garcinia Cambogia contains absolutely no stimulants.
  • Garcinia Cambogia was found to boost metabolism, increasing weight loss by more than 800%.
  • Various studies have shown a typical 2 inch decrease in belly fat and a 39% decrease in cholesterol within 28 days.

We were quite suspicious, but needed to find out for ourselves if this product could really do everything that it promised.

Putting our Garcinia Cambogia Evaluation To The Test

The Garcinia Cambogia Free Trial arrived within 4 days after placing my order. Shipping was affordable, and shockingly fast, as I was happy it arrived quickly.

The bottle I received had a month’s worth of pills as I was to follow the supplement routine and document my progress throughout, which worked out perfectly.

My 4 Week Evaluation: Natural Garcinia Cambogia

Step 1: Take 1 capsule in the morning, and one Garcinia Cambogia pill in the early hours.
Step 2: Change absolutely nothing else in my lifestyle.

My Results

Week One

I was surprised in the remarkable results after seven days using Garcinia Cambogia. My energy level was up, and I found myself not becoming hungry as frequently as I used to, an obvious side effect of the Garcinia Cambogia extract which controls the desire.

I really felt wonderful.

And I did not even alter anything about my daily routine. On day 7 I could not believe my eyes and got on the scale. I’d lost 9 lbs. But I still was not convinced as they say you lose lots of water at the start of any diet. I had to wait and find out the results in the coming weeks. But it certainly was looking up! I weighed myself for the first time in years for the very first time I was under 150 pounds!

Week Two

After a couple of weeks of utilizing Garcinia Cambogia, I was really sleeping more soundly and began off with more energy. I was not tossing and turning and waking up throughout the night because my body was really able to relax (it is due to removing the toxins I believe). At the conclusion of week 2, I was able to lose another 7 pounds, getting me at an incredible 16 pounds in only 2 weeks.

Now, I began to consider that this supplement is a lot more than a gimmick.

Week Three

After 3 weeks all my doubts had completely vanished! After losing another 6 lbs., I was down 2 full dress sizes and I had a whole lot of energy. Fairly frequently, around the 3rd week of a diet that is new you have a tendency to run out of steam. However, using the Garcinia Cambogia, my levels did not dip, they continued to stay constant throughout the day. I no longer needed that cat nap in the day around 3pm! I even found that my stomach was digesting food far better. No uncomfortable pains or bloating gas after I ate!

Week Four

Following the fourth week, my results were shocking. I lost an amazing 27 pounds since beginning the Garcinia Cambogia diet! Everyone at celebritygeckos.com was kicking themselves for not having offered to be the guinea pig. Utilizing the Garcinia Cambogia I lost 5 more lbs. To be honest, at this stage I actually did not have more weight that I wished to lose (or so I believed). But after week 4 I continued taking the Garcinia Cambogia since it’s a lot of antioxidants and vitamins and it made my skin look amazing!

I could not be any happier with the results.

I Lost 27 pounds in 4 Weeks, no special diet, no extreme exercise.

Although I used to be not unhappy after week 4, (still somewhat curvy, my husband enjoyed it that way:P). I began to remove some things in my personal diet like sugary foods and soda. Taking one Garcinia Cambogia and cutting back on junk food altered my metabolism into a fat shredding creature! After 9 weeks I was down 54 pounds! I was back to what I weighed before I had my first kid. Guys began to approach me in public again and I had the energy of a 16-year old, but when it was time for bed I slept just like a child!

Final Thought: Like us here at CelebrityGecko.com, you may be a bit skeptical about the results of the Garcinia Cambogia, but you should attempt it for yourself; the results are real. We’re very happy to see that other folks are finding their own success with this particular amazing supplement after running our personal study. You’ve got nothing to lose, right now (at least when this post was written) other people are however offering a FREE TRIAL OFFER!!!! However, there are a limited amount of the free trials that are available so you may want to hurry while supplies last! To get your free bottle, follow the link I’ve supplied below and understand that you’re obtaining an excellent product which works; no strings attached!

kellyAll the best with your weight reduction!