Published On: Sun, Feb 15th, 2015

Ben Affleck’s 24lb Muscle Gain Diet Plan For Batman Role

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Ben Affleck followed an extremely strict meal plan when bulking up for his Batman character. Ben made sure that he put an emphasis on his nutritional time along with increased protein consumption.

Ben lived by the adage “not all protein is created equal” and stuck to the best types: fish, eggs, lean steak and chicken.
Ben also made sure to have sufficient amounts of carbs around his work outs so he’d maximum energy and replenished his glycogen degrees.

The final part of his diet strategy was raising his intake of healthful fat to enhance his body’s natural testosterone levels.

Ben’s total daily calories generally surpassed 3,000 on workout days and over 2,500 on rest days. Here’s an example day-to-day meal plan on workout days.

Ben Affleck Sample Meal Plan (Batman Bulk)


Breakfast constantly consisted of eggs and oatmeal. To add in a increase of healthful fats Ben would top his eggs with chopped avocado. During the final part of his bulk Ben changed to egg whites so he could lower his overall fat consumption.

Late Morning Snack:

Ben would constantly have his go to snack here. A muscle building chocolate whey protein milkshake, couple of almonds and his Formula T-10 testosterone-boosting nutritional supplement. This packed his body full of protein and testosterone boosting fixings to begin his day.


Ben generally worked out after lunch so he constantly made sure that he’d a solid amount of protein and carbohydrates for energy.

Ben generally would have tilapia or chicken for lunch, as it was lighter on his stomach than steak and eggs.

His pre work out carbohydrates would include brown rice or whole grain pasta.

Post Workout Meal:

Promptly following his extreme weight room workouts Ben would fill up on grass fed beef and a lot more carbs.

Since insulin is extremely anabolic, post work out Ben would have simple carbs like white rice and white potatoes alongside fruit. His favorite post work out meal was grass fed steak, white rice and one cup of grapes.

Ben would additionally take his Alpha Cut HD following his work out to help cut body fat and raise his metabolism.


Dinner was another crucial meal for Ben to raise his metabolism and pack on lean muscle mass. Ben would make certain his last meal of the day was high in protein and contained some wholesome carbs to improve his muscle building.

Dinner generally consisted of a balance of lean protein, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats.

This meant that Ben would have things like broiled salmon, sirloin steak, tilapia and broiled chicken.

For his carbohydrates he would almost always have a sweet potato or lentils – as these are healthy carbohydrates that helped his body recovery without adding to fat storage late at night.
For healthful fats Ben generally made a salad and used an olive oil based dressing. This gave Ben an unbelievable balance of nourishment and optimized his thin muscle building immediately.